Key Concept- Beauty

Beauty is an abstract concept, all beauty cannot be placed in the same category. It is easy to point to something beautiful, but almost impossible to say what its beauty consists of. This leads to suspicion of beauty. Beauty =

  • Prettiness
  • superficial
  • kitch
  • seduction
  • deception
  • cover for political manipulation

Is beauty objective or subjective?

Is it possible to identify an objective standard of beauty?

Beauty is a form of liking, are all forms of liking the same? Types of liking:

  • The agreeable- governed by desire, subjective, private
  • The Good- governed by reason, universal, public
  • The beautiful- not governed by either desire or reason, universal subjective.

how many things do we like without desire and without reason?

How can something be universal and subjective?

What’s the difference between natural beauty and beauty in art?

flowers have a function, but we don’t judge their beauty (or otherwise) on the basis of their efficiency. A painting of a flower is purposiveness without a purpose.

These questions have broadened my thoughts on beauty and if I think it is subjective or objective. I’ve decided to read up on this and write my dissertation about it. I’ve drawn this concept in to my practice as I find it very interesting and it works along side my interests in women and representing them.


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