Pipilotti Rist- Ever is overall

I have expressed a lot of interest in this piece of art work since being introduced to it in my constellation lectures. I find the obvious message of female empowerment liberating and hugely influential to my Subject and Constellation work. This has influence some of my ideas for using flowers to represent power for women.

This art work has lots of hidden meanings of which challenge the traditional roll of a woman. The video is showing a woman skipping down the street holding a long stemmed flower. The way in which she held the flower was like a protest, was this meant to represent the feminist movement marches? In the film, using the flower as a hammer, she smashes car windows while smiling. The environment around her is very accepting of her actions and to me the smiling police woman would seem to be encouraging it buy smiling.

The holding of this tall flower is bringing much power to the woman and she is using this power in an disrupting way. Is this aggression bad or is it showing that women can now do what they want. She is dressed as though she is a 1950’s house wife, although their freedom was limited to what their husbands let them do.

The slow motion and dreamlike filming is hard to ignore. some would say that the music with the smashing of the car windows and the slow motion is nightmarish. But as the woman is wearing red slippers, which could be related to those of Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ, does this mean she’s not in Kansas anymore? The art work suggests ideas of Utopia and Dystopia.


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