Beauty in Art

After thinking about my favourite key concept lecture on Beauty I have decided to write my dissertation about it and to also work this concept in to my Subject. I want to explore different artist’s and Philosophers views on Beauty and also so show my own opinion on what I think beauty means or is. Is it Objective or Subjective? arguing both sides will help me do this.

Agnes Martin’s essay ‘Beauty Is the Mystery of Life’ (1989) say’s “When a beautiful rose dies, beauty does not die because it is not really in the rose. Beauty is an awareness in the mind. It is a mental and emotional response that we make.” page 202

Through my work I intend to use the rose as a symbol of women, this will guide me to a more contextual way of working instead on focusing on the female figure.

Philosophers to research-

  • PLATO “Beauty is in the eye od the beholder.” (subjective)
  • KANT- The Critique of Judgment (subjective)
  • HUME (subjective)
  • PLOTINUS (objective)
  • BOURDIEU (objective)
  • G.E. MOORE

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