Site Specific Exhibition


For the Site Specific module I changed my ideas a few times for numerous reasons. Originally I wanted to develop my work so that I could create an installation. I was intending to do this by developing my hanging roses work, which would have been great for the open house exhibition. After some thought and consideration in to how I would peruse this with my tutor, I decided against it. The idea seemed to be challenging and impractical financially. After realising this I decided to develop my ideas through the medium of print. I hadn’t yet entered the print room since first year so remember the techniques was challenging.

Displaying my prints in the West Warf Gallery was the best place to show them to the public. I decided to do this due to the clean crisp atmosphere which I felt would be much more suited compared to the open house. Although my prints are much still in the development stage, I felt this was a great experience to develop my knowledge and organise an exhibition out of university.

Below are close ups of the three pieces of work I put in the exhibition. One large Monoprint which I then drew daffodils over the top of with silver and gold pen, a smaller Monoprint of a rose and also a pencil sketch of a lily. I titles this work ‘Flower Studies.’


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