Final Development

I came across Andy Warhol’s flower series of Screen-prints which helped me develop ideas for my site specific exhibition. I made large monoprints from my own flower images taken around Cardiff. I then experimented with pens and paint over the top of these and worked in to them. I filled in the flowers with neon paint as coming back from Morocco had inspired me to bring even more colour in to my work. I didn’t think these worked very well but i liked developing my skills in the print room.


I noticed that the majority of flowers found around Cardiff at this time were daffodils, the narcissist flower. I found this concept very interesting and found a famous poem by William Wordsworth which I wanted to incorporate in my work. I picked the last like of the poem to then write upon a mirror. Staring in to the mirror represents the narcissist staring in to the water in the Greek Myth. Of which he then falls in love with himself and died there on the river bank. A daffodil then grows in his place, hence the name the narcissist flower.

mirror I then again rejected this idea for my exhibition piece as I wanted to include an array of bright colour throughout my work which i felt would be difficult when using text on mirrors. I decided to focus on contemporary artist using bright colours in their work like Yogo Hortal, who’s paintings are aesthetically pleasing with the use of thick florescent paint. I wanted to incorporate my images of the daffodil and the bright neon colours inspired by Hortal and Warhol. I thought about how I could play around with this and started developing collages on photoshop. I loved how these turned out.

The images represent an unhealthy state of mind and elusion, and is an idea of what state of mind the narcissist was in when he died alone staring at his reflection by the river.These images challenge the ideas between natural beauty and artificial beauty. and turning a naturally beautiful flower in to an artificially beautiful flower.


I continued to explore the use of florescent acrylics in a landscape format which relates back to my initial starting point of looking at Lanyons landscape ‘Beach Girl’. I focused on “a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially sight” which is what beauty is described as in the english dictionary.  I felt that these paintings and collages were a success which is why I’ve put them in the exhibition and I am continuing to use photoshop. I have over layered images of my paintings and images of flowers to develop this idea further.


Using my own images of flowers, I decided to merge them all together using a GIFF app on my IPhone, I think that over summer I will develop this idea. I think that making psychedelic elusions full of colour would be something I would be really interested in.


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