Text on Mirror

After finding one of William Wordsworth’s most famous poems; ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud,’ I wanted to experiment with it in my work and see if i could develop this idea for my final piece. I looked in to the meaning of daffodils and this flower is known as the ‘Narcissist flower’. In the old Greek Myth of narcissist, the narcissist died staring at his own reflection and the daffodil grew where his body lay. I used the mirror to represent the water from this story. I like this concept a lot although i feel that going down this route for my final piece wouldn’t be using the influences I love from my field project. Which is using colour.

I also thought about presenting this next to my own images of daffodils which would fit the theme.



Incorporating Flowers

While making my little book of testers I decided to paint over the top of some and plan some ideas for paintings. Here I’ve painted roses over a variety of colours, some I think work really well and others I don’t like as much. I feel the neon yellow stands out a lot in these plans, although I feel the roses change the meaning of the initial paintings and create a feministic atmosphere in them. Of which I don’t think is showing what I want the viewer to see.

Little Book of Testers

I have created a little book of testers, while making these I wanted to try out different colours and shapes and to work out what looked best together. Some of these testers are full of movement and bright exciting colours. I again used mostly neon paint for these as I feel from my inspiration that bright colours are the most visually appealing compared to less vibrant colours. Naturally I ended up making them landscape in the style of a flip book, I found that working landscape looked better with horizontal lines of paint. This also relates back to my starting point I took in September, Peter Lanyons ‘Beach Girl’.

Small Canvas’

These two very different canvas’ show my development through using different colours and use of lines. The painting on the left was made by using florescent neon paints which I brushed over with a pallet knife in a slight curve to the top right of the canvas. I love the bright yellows and pinks in this painting. I also tried to not mix the colours together when applying them, although I think It would bring a lot more depth to the painting if I had.

The second image I also painted landscape. This painting has a lot more exciting colours and depth going on through out it. I found the discovery of a variety of different colours exciting when they were applied to the canvas. The use of primary colours created a mix of technicolored lines. I feel that the white paint in this painting brings it all together.

More Paint Testers

Here I have continued to test out how the use of florescent paint changes the images and how to make it more aesthetically appealing. Ive began to feel that the amount of movement is too much in these photos and I’ve found that while creating these, something the amount of movement disturbs the development of colour. And from doing this it is creating colours I’m not happy with, for example a muddy green.