Second Final Outcome

For my second outcome, I felt that the traditional method of painting was the best way to create a picture that just focuses purely on the aesthetic qualities found pleasing to the human eye. Through the mixture of primary colours and by using this spontaneous method of painting, a number of different colours came through when on the landscape canvas and produced a series of colour and line I was happy with.

I feel that these selected pieces represent what I have learnt while developing my skills in my practice this year. These pieces challenge historical and contemporary ideas throughout the vast concept of beauty, by using ancient and modern-day mediums.



Text on Mirror

After finding one of William Wordsworth’s most famous poems; ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud,’ I wanted to experiment with it in my work and see if i could develop this idea for my final piece. I looked in to the meaning of daffodils and this flower is known as the ‘Narcissist flower’. In the old Greek Myth of narcissist, the narcissist died staring at his own reflection and the daffodil grew where his body lay. I used the mirror to represent the water from this story. I like this concept a lot although i feel that going down this route for my final piece wouldn’t be using the influences I love from my field project. Which is using colour.

I also thought about presenting this next to my own images of daffodils which would fit the theme.